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Orange & Teal

A place where Singaporeans can dine in elegance or chat away in a cosy corner or simply pull out a book with a coffee and enjoy a moment of solitude. Our idea is to serve up quality without burning your week’s wages.

In time to come, we hope the cafe will become a place of comforting familiarity for you, like an old shoe wrapped snugly around those tired soles. And with great food, it'll be like home away from home.

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About Us

It has been a long-term

dream of ours…

to have a place where Singaporeans come together to not just have a great meal or have that heart warming cuppa, but a place where we get together with our loved ones and friends and get to know each other all over again.

Our food

Dishes & Flavours

Minimum fuss, maximum flavour. We're here to bring you good food from the freshest ingredients and the richest of our spice blends for a satisfying gastronomical experience.

The dishes may be rotated with new items especially during special occasions and festive seasons.

Poulet Rôti

A classic in the French culinary tradition. A well buttered chicken, sprinkle with rosemary and thyme and roasted over root vegetables.

Sirloin Linguine

An exquisite dish of sirloin steak served on a delectable bed of linguine tossed with truffle and assorted greens.

Creamy Butter

Tuscan Salmon

Smokey pan-seared salmon bathed in a rich creamy butter sauce with bits of tomatoes and baby spinach.

Texas Oven-baked

Beef Brisket

A Texan specialty, dry rubbed and slow baked to perfection. Served with baked vegetable and potatoes. (Only on Thursdays)

"The aroma of the cumin-spiced brisket, the dark teal interior, and the dim, warm lights remind me of a British pub. The piano and other household fixtures make the cafe even more cosy and homely."

Sean Lim, Rice Media


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

11am-9pm Sunday to Thursday

11am-10pm Friday & Saturday

Closed on Mondays

Are you halal certified?

We are not, but we hope that you

will come down for a drink!


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Orange & Teal Café
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