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Kitchen Specials

Kitchen Specials

Wine-Infused, Slow-Grilled Beef Cheeks 27.8

Served with truffle mashed potato and roasted seasonal vegetables. Easily our best-seller.

Texas Oven-Baked Beef Brisket 25.8

This cut of beef is grilled with TLC and served with our house sauce. This dish is available only on Thursdays.

Creamy Tuscan Butter Salmon 24.8

Served with a heavenly cream-sauce and linguine cooked al dente. Our signature dish.

Greek-Style Lamb Shank 28.8

Fall-off-the-bone grilled lamb shank served with Mediterranean rice and roasted seasonal vegetables. Chef’s recommendation.

Baby-Back Ribs 19.8 (Half) 38.4 (Full)

A rack of baby-back pork ribs marinated and grilled for 12 hours to give you that divine smoky BBQ flavour. Served with coleslaw and chips.

Honey-Mustard/Mushroom Grilled Chicken 17.8

Boneless chicken cut slathered with our house-blended honey-mustard Sauce and served with roasted seasonal vegetables.

Seafood Baked Rice 22.8

Mussels baked with fragrant basmati rice.

Gourmet Burgers

Gourmet Burgers

Wagyu 21.8

A whopping 200 grams of Wagyu goodness packed with lettuce, tomato, gherkins, cheese topped with caramelised onions.

Pulled Pork 19.8

Filled with a mound of succulent slow-grilled shredded pork and coleslaw. Hungry yet?

Salted-Egg Chicken 18.8

Golden grilled chicken covered in creamy salted-egg sauce wrapped between a brioche bun.

Japanese Grilled Chicken 17.8

Boneless chicken grilled to perfection with lettuce, tomato, mustard, cheese, teriyaki sauce, seaweed, fish flakes and sesame seed.

Portobello 20.8

Portobello mushroom sauteed and grilled with roasted capsicum served on olive- oil-drizzled brioche bun. Vegan haven. Chef’s recommendation.

All our burgers are served with Mesclun salad and potato chips.



Our classic tomato sauce is specially made in-house by

Chef Anabel with onions, thyme, parsley and other spices

that bring out that flavourful uniqueness in every slice.

Truffle Portobello Mushroom 26.8

Gamberoni 25.8

Smoked Duck 24.8

O&T Wagyu 23.8

Five Cheeses 25.8

Hawaiian 18.9

Margherita 17.8

Pasta, Paninis & Pies

Pasta, Paninis & Pies

Smoked Salmon Pasta 19.8

Truffle Linguine (Vegan) 20.8

Tuna Panini 12.8

Smoked Salmon Panini 18.8

Beef Pie 13.80

Sides, Soups & Salads

Sides, Soups & Salads

Buffalo Wings 11.8

Coleslaw 5.8

Truffle Mashed Potato 9.8

Garlic Bread 5.8

Nachos Chili Con Carne 14.8

Forest Mushroom Soup 7.8

Roasted Pumpkin Soup 6.8

Mesclun Salad 11.8

Mesclun Salad w/ Smoked Salmon 17.8

Weekdays Set Lunch

Weekdays Set Lunch

Comes with soup of the day & ice lemon tea.

Creamy Butter Tuscan Salmon 29.8

Honey-Mustard Grilled Chicken 24.8

Truffle Linguine w/ Salad 23.8

Japanese Grilled Chicken Burger 21.8

Tuna Panini 16.8

Not available on weekends and public holidays.



Ondeh Ondeh Cake 8.2

Okinawa Milk Tea Cake 7.4

Lemon-Passionfruit Cake 7.8

Earl Grey Lavender Cake 7.2

Basque Cheesecake 6.8

Apple Tart 6.8

Tiramisu Cake 8.8

Lava Cake 5.8

Lava Cake w/Ice-Cream 8.8

Ice Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate) 4.8

Waffles ‘n’ Everything 12.8



Kombucha 9.6

Smoothies 7.6

Frappe 7.8

Frappe Mocha 8.2

Café Latte 6.6

Café Mocha 6.8

Cappuccino 5.8

Flat White 5.8

Long Black 5.6

Espresso 4.6

Affogato 6.8

Hot Chocolate 6.3

Ice Latte 7.6

Ice Americano 6.3

Ice Mocha 7.8

Ice Cappuccino 6.8

Ice Chocolate 7.6

Assorted Teas 5.6



Bubur Chacha 7.8

Pandan 7.6

Vanilla 7.3

Chocolate 7.3

Beer & Wines

Oranjeboom 8

Heineken 7.8

Hoegaarden 7.8

Erdinger Dunkel 12

Erdinger Weiss 12

Pink Highball (Whisky) 12

Corkage 20 per bottle

House pour Montmeyrac

White with a floral and slightly woody nose, and Montmeyrac red with lively aromas of soft plums and blackberry, and vanilla hints. 

$12 per glass, $20 two glasses.


Bersano Moscato D’Asti

For a celebration such as this, we highly recommend this delicate white wine which presents the variety-typical bouquet of the Moscato grape, complemented by subtle notes of acacia blossoms – perfect for an afternoon of great food. 

$62 per bottle


Domaine Christian Moreau Chablis

This wine carries generous notes of luscious white peach and honeydew melon along with the tartness of grapefruit and white currant.

$65 per bottle


Ceretto Moscato D’Asti

This is a white dessert wine. The sweetness and low alcohol (5%) make it a great complement for a wide range of palates. 

$98 per bottle


Laurent-Perrier La Cuvee Brut

This wine’s complexity is expressed in successive notes such as vine peach and white fruit. A perfect balance between freshness and delicacy with fruity flavours present on the finish which will delight your guests.

$108 per bottle

Corkage Charge

Wine – $60

Liquor & other spirits – $80

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