About Us

It’s been a long-term dream of ours to have a place where Singaporeans come together to not just have a great meal or have that heart warming cuppa, but a place where we get together with our loved ones and friends and get to know each other all over again. A place where intelligent discussion, even impassioned debate, takes place. A place where the conversation’s even better.

“Where the conversation’s even better” – I’ve got that engraved above the doorway.

Many of you who’ve seen the place say it looks warm and cosy. That’s what Mei and I had in mind when we first decided on the project. We wanted a place where Singaporeans can dine in elegance or chat away in a cosy corner or simply pull out a book with a coffee and enjoy a moment of solitude. Our idea is to serve up quality without burning your week’s wages.

In a way, the café is an extension of our home where music, books and loved ones matter most. That’s why we had a piano and books brought in.

In time to come, we hope the cafe will become a place of comforting familiarity for you, like an old shoe wrapped snugly around those tired soles. And with great food, it’ll be like home away from home.

Best regards,

Dr. Chee Soon Juan

Orange & Teal Café
4.8 out of 5 stars

35 Rochester Dr, #02-12 Rochester Mall, Singapore 138639

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